suunto watches

One of the highlights of all Suunto watches is their incredibly sleek, classy, and rugged designs. These watches are designed in a way that is straight to the point, with no unnecessary details here and there. You might find that some pilots also choose this type of watch over other traditional pilot watches, but that’s not a popular trend. The reason is that pilots and other jet fighter aviators often need more options for them to operate a safe flight.

A great amount of their sports watches feature one solid color, which draws the wearers eyes straight to the dial all the time. This minimalist yet incredibly stylish watch design is perfect for law enforcement as the design itself looks premium and classy, while not being too much that it seems to impose. It would be hard to find a watch that looks better with law enforcement uniform than a Suunto Sports watch.

With Suunto’s incredibly lightweight watches and their straps made with the most premium materials, comfort is no question at all. And that’s also true when it comes to the G-Shock series from Casio. This incredible watch collection is very popular among army men and other military-related professionals.

As these watches are designed to be worn during strenuous physical activities, they are all incredibly comfortable to wear on the wrist. Law enforcement officers or military men will usually not have the time to wear and remove a watch constantly due to an uncomfortable feeling on the wrist.