When talking about knife sharpeners, you might have already known that there are a lot of them on the market right now. Their prices, types, and designs differ from product to product. And in order to bring home the best knife sharpeners that can really help you with your daily kitchen tasks, you need to understand the functionality of each type of sharpener, and how it can help with a particular type of knife.

And one of the most popular types of sharpener is a whetstone. With this specialty stone, you can swipe your knife a few times back and forth and it will regain back its sharpness in no time. The main advantage of a whetstone is that it doesn’t cost you much, to begin with. In fact, you can spend only a few bucks and have a good sharpening stone like that. But the biggest disadvantage here is that you will need to spend some time learning how to use it.

The next type of popular sharpening tool is sharpening steel. Yes, the stainless steel rod you often see in a meat shop. The butchers often use it to sharpen their knives before slicing and chopping meat. A sharpening rod is easier to use compared to a whetstone. And it’s around the same level in cost as well. But keep in mind, you will also need to learn how to use them as well.

A good point to remember that I already mentioned above is that you need to know which type of sharpener goes with which type of knife. If you want to sharpen up a serrated knife, use a serrated sharpener. If you want to sharpen up a fillet knife, for example, then use something like an electric knife sharpener if you don’t know how to operate other types.

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