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Why you should choose ping pong as your hobby?

In comparison to other indoor sports, the popularity of ping pong has been growing steadily in recent years.  There are lots of sports that you can engage in but ping pong and other racket sports are some of the most exciting sports to play. For people looking for a hobby to engage in during their free time or when they want to relax in the midst of their daily business, ping pong is the ultimate sports to settle for. Some of the reasons as to why you should consider choosing the sport are such as:

Improves mental acuity and health

Ping pong is a mental sport that requires players to think creatively so as to perfect and polish their skills. The quick judgment and decision making involved in the sport goes a long way in improving the wellbeing and health of the brain.  The placement, speed and speed of a ping pong ball are vital elements when playing the sport. Players require being perfect in these skills so that they are able to play competitively against their opponents.  In addition to helping the mind grow, the sport also helps in creating a mental balance.  This balance helps in finding solutions to every day puzzles in real life.

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Source: Expert Table Tennis

Improving hand-eye connection

The players’ hands and eyes need to coordinate efficiently at all times when a ping pong player is playing.  This coordination is necessary since it enables players to make accurate serves, returns and spins.  The coordination is crucial in stimulating mental vigilance, concentration, attentiveness, and tactical strategy.  These skills are greatly beneficial in real life as they help in undertaking daily tasks and activities with utmost accuracy and precision. By extension, the skills help in perfecting driving, machine operation and piloting among other activities.

Burns calories and improves reflexes

For people who do not fancy working out in the gym,  choosing ping pong as a hobby will yield the same results as exercising in the gym.  When playing ping pong, the player remains in constant running and pacing to hit and serve the ball from different locations on the table.  You can burn up to 272 calories when playing the sport for one hour or even more. The fast-paced and short-distance playing nature of the sport helps in improving fine muscle movements. This helps in easing muscle movements which helps in streamlining muscle movement and development.

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Source: Gaming Weekender

Enhances socializing and bonding

If you are looking for a hobby that will bring your family together or even friends, playing ping pong is the ultimate hobby to choose.  It is a sport that you can play with all family members including kids and the elderly.  What is more beneficial about the sport is that it is therapeutic to people recovering from injuries, muscle strains and even surgeries. You can use the hobby to help your loved one regain their muscle mobility and overall health with the sport.

Ping pong is an affordable that will not break your bank when investing in ping pong equipment such as ping pong table, ping pong paddle. Additionally, you can play the sport in your basement or even in the garage. As such, you do not need to invest in a pitch like you would if you were playing an outdoor sport.

Baseball: The Best Sport in America

baseball in the usa

The beginning of the baseball season marks the beginning of my favorite season. I began following baseball at a tender age and ever since that time, the sport has always been my favorite. I believe that baseball is the best sport in the whole world because of a number of reasons. The following are some of the reasons why baseball is the best sport.

There are various games played for charity

Baseball is a very unique sport. It is one of the most charitable sports. In each year, there are various games played for charity. In the games, a certain target is set and after the players hit it, a certain amount of money acquired is donated for charity.
Participating in baseball leagues gives teams a chance to participate in international charity programs. In most leagues, a charity to be played for is set at the beginning of the tournament. The tournament organizers are the ones who set and distribute the charity funds.

It is a family-friendly sport

Baseball is a sport for all people. Children can start participating in Baseball at the age of 5 years. The sport is simple to play and understand. It is also friendly and can be watched by everyone. Baseball matches are always friendly and safe for all people.
When training and competing in baseball matches, it is always important to prioritize the safety of all players. You should ensure that your children are wearing their helmets when playing baseball. With the good batting helmets, your children will always be safe from any head injuries.

Baseball fans are the best

In most sports, a majority of the fans only watch the games of their favorite teams during special occasions. They only support their favorite teams with words and no action. This is different when it comes to baseball.

No matter how bad the performance of a certain baseball team is, you will always find the supporters of that team supporting it through thick and thin. The supporters are always ready to watch all the team matches no matter how bad the team is performing.

Learning and playing baseball is easy

Baseball is one of the simplest games in the world. By simply understanding the roles of every participant, you can be able to play in any position you want. The game also provides various playing positions requiring different skills. With simple skills, you can therefore not lack a position to fill.

To start learning baseball, all you need is a bat and a glove. Choose a wood bat, you can be able to master the game with ease. The advancement in technology has also led to the invention of pitching nets. These nets can help you practice pitching at any place.

Baseball leaves everyone satisfied

The beginning of a baseball season marks the beginning of an unending action. When a season begins, matches are played on a daily basis. This gives both the participants and the followers a good chance to be entertained every day. Everyone gets enough satisfaction by the time the season ends.

In other sports, this is different because matches are not played every day. Being a baseball fan gives you a chance to get entertained on a daily basis throughout the season. The only time that you will not be enjoying the action is during the Spring Training. To keep the action going at that time, you should get the good baseball bags and backpack, visit the nearest field and join the others in training.


Baseball is a very nice sport that can be enjoyed by anyone. The list above shows some of the reasons why it is the best sport in the world. You can learn more about this sport and the best equipment for the game at BaseballEagle. This is a trusted website that can reliably guide you when looking for anything.

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